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  • Rudiger Gunther Von Koniczek

    Top Notch! Honest, sincere, professional! Excellent service! Best of the best!

  • Kate

    I was provided the details of what needed fixing, including cost, prior to starting the work. As they needed my vehicle for several days I appreciated them parking the van inside each night. When repairs were completed they explaind details again and mentioned that they shampooed the carpet where antifreeze from the heater core had leaked. No charge for this. Overall I'm pleased with the quality of repair and the friendly staff.

  • Barbara Newton

    This week I purchased snow tires from Prospect Lake Auto and everything went very smoothly. The install was going to take longer than originally planned, so they provided a loaner to I could make it to a meeting. We have always had good experiences with Prospect Lake Auto and will certainly be back.

  • Rick Taylor

    Thanks Mike, Mike and Ken, you always make me feel I came to the right place to get all my vehicles repaired!

  • Maria St. Amand

    Fast and efficient as always. Glad to have my power steering working great again. Thanks guys.